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Practice areas


  • Civil Litigation

  • Collections

  • Personal Injury

  • Family Law

  • Estate Planning

  • Business Planning and Formation

  • Evictions (Unlawful Detainer)

There are a few reasons a general practice attorney may be a better fit for your case, as opposed to a specialty lawyer.


A common misconception is that general practice attorneys may be good in many areas, but not great in any area. While knowledge and performance vary between attorneys, general practice lawyers are committed to doing the best job possible for their clients, and this requires them to be excellent legal advocates in any area they claim to practice. General practice attorneys are consummate professionals, and would not take on a case if they did not believe they could zealously represent a client. 


If something in your case takes a turn or goes awry, a specialized attorney might be caught off guard by any issue outside of his niche. In contrast, a general practice attorney may have the skills and knowledge to confront a new legal issue in any area related to your case. In the event your general practice attorney could not adequately represent you, a general practice attorney may be in a better position than a specialized attorney to refer you to a colleague who has knowledge in the area. 


Hiring a general practice attorney is also convenient, as you may continue to use the same attorney for any legal issue that should pop up in the future. Right now you may need a will, but you may someday need help setting up a business, filing a divorce, or dealing with a run-in with the law. A general practice attorney could assist you with all of these matters and more, and save you the trouble of hiring multiple attorneys for different cases. Overall, trusting a general practice attorney to represent you in any and all of your legal needs will leave you in capable hands and with less of a headache. It’s most important that your attorney knows you personally and recognizes your specific needs, and can apply this knowledge of the situation to any legal matter that arises.

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Estate Planning

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Personal Injury

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Business Planning and Formation

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