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Business Planning and Formation

The Law Office of Albert Le wants to help businesses Start-Up, Grow, and Thrive

Whether you are considering forming a business, require contracts to manage relationships with employees, suppliers or distribution channels, are facing a breach of contract dispute, or in the midst of dissolving your business our San Diego business law attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help.

Every business is unique.  Every business’ legal needs are also unique.  That’s why every business needs a business attorney who can handle several different tasks, questions and problems efficiently.

Together with our team of business transaction attorneys, we has represented numerous small, medium and large businesses with a variety of legal needs, including:

Business Meeting
Casual Business Meeting

Business formation

Selecting the right entity is extremely important for your new business. The entity you select will have important personal liability and tax implications. We will help you choose the right entity and file all of the necessary paperwork. We also provide contract services such as drafting or reviewing employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and lease agreements.

  • Purchasing a Business,

  • Business contracts and contracts between individuals

  • Real estate transactions and construction contract

Employment agreements

Nearly every step a business takes, including executing contracts, putting together employee handbooks, issuing policy statements, building personnel files, etc. requires the formulation of legal documents on some level.  All of these legal documents need to be put together such that the business’ legal rights and overall interests are protected.  Any misstep in this regard can cost the business dearly. 

  • Asset protection and investment

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